Ilya V. Schurov

Ilya V. Schurov

Associate Professor

HSE University

About me

I’m a mathematician and technology enthusiast. Since 2010 I work as an associate professor at HSE University, where I am participating in various research projects with topics ranging from differential equations and physics to game theory to linguistics. I love pure mathematics and I equally love to code and solve applied problems. Currently I’m looking for opportunities to apply my broad mathematical background, including dynamical systems, geometry and topology, to data analysis. My teaching experience include courses on calculus, machine learning, differential equations and data science. I prepared several online courses for Coursera devoted to foundations of machine learning and wrote free interactive textbooks on calculus and ordinary differential equations that are used by thousands Russian-speaking students.

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  • Machine Learning
  • Differential Equations
  • Dynamical Systems
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2010

    Moscow State University

  • M.S. in Mathematics, 2006

    Moscow State University

Experience and achievements


  • Received Best young mathematician award from the Dynasty Foundation.
  • Systematically publish research papers in top journals.
  • Published in Inventiones Mathematicae, one of the most presitigious mathematical journals.
  • Received a special 5-year bonus from HSE for academic performance.


  • Taugh more than 20 different courses in mathematics, data science, statistics, game theory and programming to students of different backgrounds, in Russian and English.
  • Received best teacher award according to a students’ vote for six years in a row.
  • Received honorary mention from Faculty of Computer Sciences for teaching.
  • Prepared 3 courses for Coursera on Probability and Statistics and received a special bonus from HSE for their success.


  • Member of the academic council at HSE/NES Programme in Economics, supervising mathematical and computer science courses.
  • Member of jury, Russian National Olympiad on Economics for high-schoolers.
  • Member of jury, Data Analysis National Olympiad for high-schoolers.


  • Co-supervising Joint HSE — Tinkoff Bank project group aimed at solving mathematically-demanding data science problems, including graph analysis and data generation.

Research Projects

Data science journey to highland Daghestan
How machine learning helps sociolinguists to assess their data


I want to reinvent mathematical textbooks: make them accessible, friendly, full of illustrations and in-depth explanations of the essence of mathematical concepts. To achieve this goal, I even developed my own publishing platform that leverages modern web-technologies and allows to include interactive elements to mathematical texts.

Friendly introduction to rigorous one-dimensional calculus. We have precise epsilon-delta definitions and all the proofs, carefully explained, with examples, motivations and illustrations. Batteries included!
Ordinary differential equations
Introductory textbook with focus on important geometrical and dynamical phenomena like conservation laws, stability and bifurcations.

Research Papers

(2022). Can Recall Data Be Trusted?. Field Methods, to appear.

Cite Project Code

(2020). Bachet’s game with lottery moves. Discrete Mathematics, 343 (4), 111704.

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(2019). Dialect loss in the Russian North: Modeling change across variables. Language Variation and Change, 31 (3), 353–376.

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(2018). Global bifurcations in the two-sphere: a new perspective. Inventiones mathematicae, 213 (2), 461–506.

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